Projects Done Right.

We have a full time CSO on staff, a safety committee, COR certification in good standing and are registered with IS Networld, PICS, and Aveda.

Our commitment and dedication to our employees and subcontractors ensures our sites and work practices are as safe as possible.

Ongoing Electrical Training & Development.

Through constant development and training, our safety program remains well above industry standard, insuring any contractor full confidence in selecting PM for any project, regardless of the demands of their client.

Our safety conscious and knowledgeable management team provides PM’s personnel with the appropriate training and equipment required.


Certified Specialists.

Our site supervisors receive instruction in safety leadership and have a minimum of ten years participation in our organization. These certified specialists ensure that every staff member is conducting daily duties in the safest manner possible, throughout various job sites, large or small.


Field Staff Safety.

Field staff are trained with first aid, fall protection, petroleum orientated safety training, WHIMIS, aerial work platform, confined space, and CSTS.